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OC Streetcar Technical Detail Alignment Map – As of March 2017

March 23, 2017

OC-Streetcar-Alignment-Map-2017-MarchPlease click on the above image to see the detailed proposed OC Streetcar alignment map – as of March 2017.  According to the OC Streetcar project team, the map shows the locations for four additional Read more…

City of San Diego May Shift Responsibility of Repairing Sidewalks Almost Entirely to the City

March 22, 2017

From the San Diego Union-Tribune – In the wake of a nearly $5 million city payout to a bicyclist injured by damaged sidewalk, San Diego Councilman David Alvarez wants a new policy shifting the responsibility of repairing sidewalks almost entirely to the city.

Alvarez says the existing policy, which makes adjacent property owners responsible for repairs in all but a small number of circumstances, has resulted in too many damaged sidewalks and large injury payouts by the city.

Making property owners responsible leads to inaction because they are reluctant to incur the costs and go through the complex process of hiring a contractor and obtaining city permits.

The city’s existing policy, adopted in 1975, makes the city responsible only when Read more…

Almost 50 years ago, the City of Davis gave the U.S. its first bike lanes.

March 15, 2017

DavisBikeMapFrom Outside – One morning in late July 1967, a Davis, California, public works employee loaded a marking machine, letter stencils, and big containers of white paint into a city truck and drove over to 8th Street. It didn’t take long to stripe both sides of 8th between A Street and Sycamore Lane—a distance a little less than a mile long. After the paint dried and stenciled lettering was applied, the 10.5-square-mile city had the first bike lane in U.S. history.

This early project integrated concepts that still qualify as progressive. San Francisco got its first protected bike lane—where cyclists are separated from auto traffic by cement barriers and parked cars—in 2010. Chicago didn’t have one until 2016. Davis had one five decades earlier—not to mention a two-way bike lane and a so-called contra flow lane—where riders can travel against traffic on a one-way street. This early building set in motion Read more…

If You Want More Affordable Housing, Build More Market-Rate Housing

August 12, 2016

The following is a letter that I wrote and was published in the Orange County Register – At a recent Santa Ana Planning Commission hearing on a proposed revision to the city’s Housing Opportunity Ordinance, a resident told my Planning Commission colleagues and I that the need for affordable housing units outweighed the need for new market-rate housing units. What that resident may not be aware of is that it is new market-rate housing developments that are largely responsible for the construction of affordable housing units.

In adopting the Housing Opportunity Ordinance in 2011, the city required that housing units for very low-income and low-income households be Read more…

Los Angeles City Planning Commission Voted To Amend Zoning Code To Limit Mansionization

July 15, 2016

From the Los Angeles Times – Los Angeles moved one crucial step closer Thursday to tightening city rules meant to stop mansionization – the phenomenon of big, boxy homes popping up on not-so-big lots.

Local politicians first sought to tackle mansionization years ago, passing city rules to curb the size of new and renovated homes based on the size of the lots they were built on.

Neighborhood activists soon complained the rules were riddled with “loopholes” that afforded builders additional square footage and allowed them to continue erecting hefty homes on modest lots. Critics also lamented that some parts of homes – such as attached garages and covered porches — did not count toward the size limit.

After an impassioned hearing Thursday at City Hall, the Los Angeles City Planning Commission voted to Read more…

OCTA Board Votes to Eliminate and Add Bus Routes in Santa Ana

February 22, 2016

OCTA-Route150On February 22, 2016, the OCTA Board of Directors voted to approve the revised 2016 Bus Service Plan.  The revised plan will replace two routes that currently run through central Santa Ana with a new Route 150 that will travel on the majority of those two routes.  The revised plan will also maintain Route 76-MacArthur between John Wayne Airport and Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach.  Trips on Route 76 east of the airport will be eliminated.  The approved plan includes the implementation of Bravo limited-stop bus service along 17th Street.

An earlier version of the plan called for the elimination of Read more…

President Obama Proposes $125 Million For OC Streetcar

February 10, 2016

OCstreetcarFrom the City of Santa Ana – Plans for Orange County’s first modern streetcar got a major boost Tuesday when President Barack Obama included $125 million for the OC Streetcar in his budget for next fiscal year, signaling federal endorsement for the much-anticipated project.

The inclusion of the OC Streetcar in the President’s budget puts the project into the federal funding pipeline on the path to receiving up to half of the project’s cost from federal funds. Within the next two years, the FTA will consider Read more…