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OCTA Board Votes to Eliminate and Add Bus Routes in Santa Ana

February 22, 2016

OCTA-Route150On February 22, 2016, the OCTA Board of Directors voted to approve the revised 2016 Bus Service Plan.  The revised plan will replace two routes that currently run through central Santa Ana with a new Route 150 that will travel on the majority of those two routes.  The revised plan will also maintain Route 76-MacArthur between John Wayne Airport and Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach.  Trips on Route 76 east of the airport will be eliminated.  The approved plan includes the implementation of Bravo limited-stop bus service along 17th Street.

An earlier version of the plan called for the elimination of three bus routes in Santa Ana.  Those routes were the 51-Flower, 145-Raitt-Greenville, and 76-MacArthur.  The elimination of those three routes would have negatively impacted access to schools, shopping, and employment for residents in central Santa Ana.

Numerous residents and institutions in Santa Ana, including the City Council, members of the Planning Commission, Santa Ana College, and the Santa Ana Unified School District, spoke out against the cuts proposed by OCTA.

OCTA responded with revisions that combined the operation of Routes 51 and 145 into a new Route 150 and preserved bus access to John Wayne Airport by maintaining service between Santa Ana and the airport.

To read more about the impact of the OCTA Board-approved 2016 Bus Service Plan, please read these articles from the Orange County Register and the Voice of OC:
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