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City of Los Angeles Will Invest More Than $1 Billion In Sidewalk Repairs To Settle Lawsuit

April 8, 2015

Many would think that repairing sidewalks is a basic function of any city government. In Los Angeles, it was not a priority. In fact, the City budgeted zero dollars for sidewalk repairs in some past years.

It took a class action lawsuit to push the City of Los Angeles to provide better access for persons with mobility disabilities to the city’s sidewalks and other walkways.

What is being called “the largest disability access class action settlement in U.S. history”, the City settled Willits v. City of Los Angeles by agreeing to invest more than $1 billion in city sidewalk repairs and other pedestrian improvements over the next 30 fiscal years.

It was refreshing to see Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s response to the settlement, “This agreement shows how we are changing the way we do business at City Hall and are getting back to basics. Instead of fighting against fixing our sidewalks, we came to the table to reach an agreement to invest more than a billion dollars in our sidewalk infrastructure – which will improve access and safety, and boost property values and neighborhood pride.”

To read more about the lawsuit and the settlement, please click here and here.


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