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Adaptive Reuse May Be On The Horizon In Santa Ana

October 28, 2014

My colleagues and I on the Santa Ana Planning Commission unanimously voted to recommend that the Santa Ana City Council adopt an Adaptive Reuse Ordinance that will help provide opportunities for some underutilized buildings in the Golden City to be invigorated with new and exciting uses, such as residential and commercial.

The Orange County Register published an article on October 25 discussing the Adaptive Reuse Ordinance in Santa Ana.  “Activating the corner of Main and Washington with residential and commercial activity will breathe new life into a part of Main Street, between the Civic Center and Bowers Museum, that is dormant after the evening rush hour,” said Santa Ana Planning Commissioner Phil Bacerra.

To read more about Santa Ana’s Adaptive Reuse Ordinance and one of the potential adaptive reuse developments in Santa Ana, please read the Orange County Register’s article here.


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