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L.A. Mayor Garcetti Wants To Develop Data System To Track Performance Of City Departments

September 27, 2013

From the Los Angeles Times – Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s goal is to develop a finely tuned data system that will track key measures of performance for every city agency — how many miles of streets get repaired, how long it takes to pick up bulky items of trash. Starting around Oct. 8, the 100th day of his administration, aides say, results will be posted on the Web. What measures Garcetti will roll out remains to be seen, but the concept would be to allow residents to check such things as whether 911 response times in their neighborhoods are improving or how long it takes to clean up graffiti.

The objective, Garcetti says, is a higher quality of life for the city’s 3.8 million residents. Managers who embrace the new ethos of efficiency and accountability will stay, he says. The others will go.

Other cities, including Minneapolis and Boston, have set up performance measuring Web pages that Garcetti’s team views as models for Los Angeles. The Minneapolis site shows violent crime rising from 2001 to 2006, then declining steadily. Boston’s site reports a slowdown in streetlight repairs over the last 18 months.

The L.A. project is integral to Garcetti’s political fortunes, because the core of his agenda is to make City Hall more responsive in delivering basic services.

Leading the effort is Rick Cole, Garcetti’s deputy mayor for budget and innovation. A former Pasadena mayor and Ventura city manager, Cole has gathered reports from nearly three dozen department managers suggesting what performance “metrics” to track and show the public.

Cole and Garcetti are pressing managers to replicate the Compstat system used by the Police Department to track crime patterns throughout the city and adapt quickly to new troubles that emerge. All department heads were summoned to LAPD headquarters recently for…to read the full article, please click here.


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