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Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait Discusses Reforming City’s Permitting Processes

February 11, 2013

AnaheimMayorTomTait-StateOfTheCity-2013It is important for a city to have rules and regulations that protect its residents, but it is also important for a city to review and process business permit applications efficiently and quickly.  Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait has been pushing for his city to be more business-friendly with his Regulatory Relief Task Force by reviewing the City’s permitting process and instituting reforms that will help businesses complete the process more quickly than before.  Helping businesses open quicker helps generate more tax revenue for cities to provide services for its residents.

Below is an excerpt from Mayor Tait’s 2013 State of the City Address where he discusses his efforts to make Anaheim the most business-friendly city in California.  I hope that other cities will take notes of what Mayor Tait is doing in Anaheim to help make the permitting process more efficient and streamlined.

From Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait’s 2013 State of the City Address:  Now let’s talk about how we grow the economy and create jobs in our city…and incidentally, as a side benefit, create more revenue for the city.

When Governor Brown gave his State of the State address a couple of weeks ago, there was one thing he said that particularly got my attention. He said: “The most desirable laws are those that are the rarest, simplest and most general; and I even think that it would be better to have none at all than to have them in such numbers as we have.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Overregulation hurts small businesses the most. Did you know that in America approximately 70 percent of new jobs are created by small businesses?

And that is why, since I took office, we have been working on eliminating or reducing regulations that burden our local small businesses.

In our first year, we created a Regulatory Relief Task Force and asked that body to come up with recommendations on ways to streamline or eliminate regulations. They delivered those recommendations and the city council adopted them early last year. Some of the bigger changes we made included reducing the need for conditional use permits, reducing the need for parking variances and eliminating many regulatory permits altogether.

But we didn’t stop there. The Phase Two recommendations are numerous and include proposals for fee reform, more elimination of regulations and innovative ideas for partnering with county agencies to open businesses quicker with less costs and more certainty. We want Anaheim to be known throughout the state as the freest, most business-friendly city in California…the place where dreams are built.

Our new Business Solutions Specialists —I refer to them as concierge—will serve alongside our business applicants to cut the red tape and streamline the process.

Here’s an exciting stat…in Anaheim 4,000 new business licenses were pulled last year. That means 4,000 new businesses opened their doors. Or in other words, 4,000 dreams became a reality.

Throughout history, we know that more freedom creates more jobs. And a good job can be life changing. And for those in Anaheim who need greater economic opportunity, making it easier for businesses to succeed means we’re making it easier for people and families to succeed.


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