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Vista City Council Adopts Zone Changes To Allow More Uses Within Business Park Zoning District

August 23, 2012

It is great to see a city using zoning to encourage businesses to come into their city instead of obstructing business investment and job creation.  The new uses that were approved by the Vista City Council are not currently seeking to locate in Vista.  That means that the city is trying to attract new business.  What a concept!

From the San Diego Union-Tribune – The Vista City Council has approved several changes to the Vista Business Park Specific Plan to allow for more high tech industries as well as recreational facilities that could boost the city’s economy.

The Vista Business Park, which spans about 2.5 square miles, is home to 800 businesses and employs more than 20,000 people. John Conley, Vista’s director of community development and engineering, said the vacancy rate is low there, but six parcels that range from one to 15 acres have not been developed.

In 2008, an economic analysis of the park’s plan identified 11 target industries the city should attempt to attract to the area. Many of these included what Conley described as high-profile industrial manufacturing that current zoning laws limit.

Additional zoning for recreational facilities such as gyms and children’s play facilities, as well as tasting rooms with live music for local breweries and wineries, also were added; both of these changes were asked for by the public.

“Thank you for being considerate with these changes and helping our small business grow,” Claudia Faulk, a partner with Aztec Brewery, told the council at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Other amendments were added to the specific plan involving…to read the full story, please click here.


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