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Who is Phil Bacerra?

April 25, 2012

Phil Bacerra is a dynamic problem solver with many years of experience in planning, zoning, permitting, public administration, government relations and marketing.

A graduate from the University of Southern California, Mr. Bacerra has utilized his experience in long range and current planning to secure entitlements and permits for a diverse set of clients. He has also composed zoning and development policy for numerous jurisdictions.

Mr. Bacerra has worked for various municipal agencies, such as the Southern California Association of Governments, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the City of Los Angeles, and the City of Westminster.

His passion and experience in multi-modal planning advocacy lead to his appointment to the Orange County Transportation Authority’s Citizens Advisory Committee.

Mr. Bacerra has also served as the Executive Director for the Democratic Foundation of Orange County and worked on several political campaigns throughout the state of California.

Mr. Bacerra was born and raised in Orange County, California.  He is a graduate of Santiago High School in Garden Grove.  Mr. Bacerra currently resides in the city of Santa Ana.


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