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OCTA Launches Metrolink Text4Next Pilot Program

March 27, 2012

Finding out when the next three trains will arrive at your Metrolink station will be just a text message away, starting the week of March 22, 2012.

OCTA is partnering with Metrolink to provide passengers with the Text4Next service.  OCTA bus riders have enjoyed Text4Next service since 2009 to find out bus arrival times through their mobile phones.  Now Metrolink passengers will be able to do the same for Metrolink trains in Orange County.

From OCTA – A pilot program will launch this week, allowing Metrolink customers to find out the next three trains scheduled to arrive at the station. This will give Orange County Metrolink customers the flexibility to confirm train schedules on the go.

Passengers can follow these simple instructions to use the Metrolink Text4Next service:

Enter “Train” followed by a pair of three-letter station codes (see below) to 628246 (OCTAGO)
Example: Train ANA IRV
(This indicates customer wants the times for train travel between Anaheim and Irvine)

Upon entering the information, passengers will receive the scheduled arrival times for the next three trains.  They will look like this:

719a train 682
834a train 600
259p train 684

This service will be available at all 21 stations served by the three Metrolink lines that serve Orange County – Orange County Line, Inland Empire-Orange County Line and 91 Line. Depending on the results of the trial run, Metrolink may explore rolling out the service systemwide.

OCTA Text4Next service for buses provides nearly 300,000 bus schedules a month to customers. For more information on how to use the Metrolink Text4Next, visit

Here are the three-letter station codes:

Anaheim – ANA
Anaheim Canyon – CYN
Buena Park – BNP
Commerce – COM
Fullerton – FUL
Irvine – IRV
Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo – LNL
Los Angeles Union Station – LAU
North Main Corona – CNM
Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs – NWK
Orange – ORG
Oceanside – OSD
Riverside Downtown – RVS
Riverside La Sierra – LAS
San Bernardino – SNB
San Clemente – SNT
San Clemente Pier – SNP
San Juan Capistrano – SNC
Santa Ana Depot – SAD
Tustin – TIN
West Corona – WCR


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