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Santa Ana’s tap water rated third in worldwide taste competition

March 23, 2011

From the Orange County Register – Santa Ana’s tap water has been rated No. 3 in the world in a taste competition nicknamed the “Academy Awards of Water.”

A panel of 12 judges in Berkeley Springs, West Virgina (105 miles west of Baltimore, Maryland), last month rated Santa Ana as having the third-best-tasting municipal water out of 35 entries from 13 states and Canada. Daytona Beach, Fla., was picked as having the best-tasting water, and Desert Hot Springs was second.

Santa Ana had entered the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting a year earlier, shipping its entry in plastic bottles, but it didn’t place in the top five.

“This year, we decided to enter in glass bottles, on the theory that glass would not add any flavor to it,” said Raul Godinez, Santa Ana’s director of public works. “We believe that helped keep the original flavor.”

Santa Ana pumps 62 percent of its water supply from its own groundwater wells, and purchases the other 38 percent from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, said Ray Burk, the city’s water resources manager. The proportions from each source vary from year to year.

The groundwater is pretty much ready to drink as soon as it is pumped. The only treatment the city does is add a tiny (0.4 parts per million) amount of chlorine to protect against contamination, Burk said.

The water the city gets from the MWD has a higher (2 parts per million) portion of chlorine. That’s because it is surface water, from the Colorado River, which requires more treatment, Burk said.

The city’s entry in the Berkeley Springs contest was drawn from…to read the rest of this story, please click here.


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