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In Santa Ana, Democrats Are Gaining Voters, Republicans and DTS Are Losing Voters

April 27, 2010

Santa Ana Precint MapOver the last month (from March 15 – April 26), Democrats increased their registration lead by one percentage point.  You may wonder what that means.  Well, in Santa Ana, that is a gain of 991 voters.  Ward 5 saw the largest increase in Democrats with 301 new voters, followed by Ward 4 with 206.  All six wards had an increase in Democratic voter registration.

Ward 5 is primarily south of 17th Street, west of Flower, north of Bishop/Willits and two and a half precincts west of the Santa Ana River.  Ward 4 is south of Ward 5 down to Warner Avenue, from Fairview to Flower (north of Edinger) and Bristol (south of Edinger).

While Democratic voter registration increased, Republican voter registration decreased by 1/5 of a percentage point.  That is a loss of 204 Republican voters in Santa Ana.  Ward 5 had the largest decrease with 64, followed by Ward 6 with 47.  The only ward to see an increase in Republicans was Ward 3, but it was only a mere 3 voters.  Democratic voter registration increased by 84 voters in Ward 3.

Ward 6 is primarily on the southwest side of the city, with some precincts west of the Santa Ana River.  Ward 3 is primarily north of 17th Street, dipping south of 17th Street east of the 5 Freeway and south to 5th Street west of the Santa Ana River.

It wasn’t just Republicans facing a decline in voter registration in Santa Ana.  Decline to State voter registration dropped by 125 voters as well.  That is in contrast with County totals, which saw an increase of 1,250 Decline to State voters.

Overall, Santa Ana saw an increase of 633 voters, bringing the total amount of registered voters in the city to 106,114 voters.  Orange County overall had a 4,022 increase of voter registration to bring its total to 1,598,037.


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