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Mayor Holds Open Door Sessions To Discuss Just About Anything

February 24, 2010

This is something that every elected official should do and not just in San Francisco.

Here is the story from the San Francisco Chronicle – They say everybody gets their 15 minutes, and it was true for dozens of regular folks today who were granted face-to-face meetings with Mayor Gavin Newsom to discuss just about anything.

Borrowing an idea from his predecessor, Mayor Willie Brown, Newsom held the first of several “open door” sessions, splitting his day between the police stations in the Tenderloin and the Mission. (In truth, it wasn’t really “open door”; Newsom insisted no staff or media be allowed inside during his 15-minute chats.)

Those who scored the meet-and-greets by phoning the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services (the slots filled up within 20 minutes) were pleased and seemed a little awestruck. Brent McDonald, a 50-year-old architect and North Beach homeowner, was there to voice his opposition to legislaton limiting the building of new garages in his neighborhood.

“I’ve never met him,” McDonald said as he waited outside for his appointment. “I’m happy he’s taking time to come out to the neighborhoods and…to read the rest of San Francisco Chronicle story, please click here.


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